About Erick

Erick Lemus Nadurille is a community health organizer who has respectfully integrated his work to the City of Indio.  Erick is a resident leader who is dedicated to community health organizing. He has advocated for health and human service improvements in Indio, County of Riverside and through California. He has utilized his education in psychology to advocate and develop healthier outcomes for the residents. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Erick has partnered with organizations, Indio residents and grass roots community leaders and advocated for social economic issues such rental assistance and utility assistance for residential and commercial tenants. Additionally, his entrepreneurship skills led a non-profit to develop a peer to peer support hotline for vulnerable communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley.

Before Covid, he facilitated healing spaces in the community for residents to have direct access to government, which led into meaningful dialogue between law enforcement and our vulnerable communities in Indio. He co-facilitated a rally and vigil for local people experiencing  trauma after the “El Paso shootings.” Additionally, he integrates his community work to promote small business in the Indio. Erick also uses chis creativity to produce local movements for the arts and culture in the city. He has developed his talent for event production through the music festivals in this city and all over Coachella Valley. 


His biggest production now is to bring a impactful change to the City of Indio. 

Erick Lemus Nadurille

I am a civic entrepreneur that has been organizing policies and social movements in the city of Indio that advance access to health, mental health, affordable housing, women’s health, immigrant dignity, small business development and arts and culture. 

My parents had the privilege to legally migrate to this country from Mexico, when I was three years old. Continuing my family’s hard work ethic and scholar studies, I attended College of the Desert and California State University San Bernardino, where I received my B.A in Psychology and volunteered for various non-profits during my undergrad.

I am actively engaged in civic participation with the city of Indio. I convene with residents, local leaders, city officials, business owners and vulnerable communities to streamline equitable community development. I am looking forward to integrating my community work experience as the next council member for district 5.  My community values will continue be dedicated to working on: 


  •  Health and housing access (particularly for communities impacted by Covid-19)
  • Cultural diversity awareness( Health)  
  • Community relations on public safety ( Access to Government ) 
  • Small business infrastructure  ( Rethink Business ) 
  • Tenant’s rights support ( Health )
  •  Homelessness ( Health ) 
  • Rental assistance ( Health ) 
  • Mental health wellness( Health ) 
  • Affordable Housing  ( Health )
  • Neighborhood watch / Robberies  ( Access to government ) 
  • Arts and Culture ( Health ) 
  • Cannabis business development overview ( Rethink business) 
  • Entertainment Industry production contracting ( Rethink business) 
  • Union support  ( Rethink business)
  • Restorative justice ( Health)