Hello my name is Erick Lemus Nadurille. Welcome to the campaign page blog for ErickforIndio.com ! Get ready to go on experience with me and our campaign team during this historic campaign season. I running because my story is about rising leadership during a health crises.

“You find out who you are during intense moments.”

Well this is it community. We are going through intense times, physically, emotionally and economically and even spiritually. I want to let you know that even though I am unable to physically show you that I care. This campaign is an expression of my love for you and this community. I have to step up! I can’t watch my community lack leadership in public health. I running because I care for you ! I am running for Indio city district 5 for all of us !

I am just like you in that I would probably never had run for office. However, these times has challenged us all. My personal challenge is to step up and be a true leader for the people that cares for the community every step of the way. This is not about politics, this is not about being the best funded campaign This about the future of our health and a honest attempt to show my community that I care for them in ways they wouldn’t imagine.

Stay tuned, stay connect and stay informed.

I will give exclusive and factual updates on all things Indio , district 5 on my blog.

Want to show your support ? Please give a donation. Every contribution to this campaign, is a contribution to improve our community. Hold me accountable.

Erick Lemus

Author Erick Lemus

I am a community health organizer and resident leader who is dedicated to community health organizing and I have respectfully integrated my work to the City of Indio. I have advocated for improvements for health in the city, County of Riverside and through California. Since the beginning of COVID-19, I have partnered with organizations, Indio residents and grass roots community leaders and pushed for rental assistance and utility assistance for residential and commercial tenants. Additionally, I worked to lead a a coalition of non-profits to develop a peer to peer support hotline for vulnerable communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley to support our residents during these challenging times. My main focus for this election is Health, access to government and rethinking business. With your support and vote we can make history on November 3rd 2020.

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